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Getting to know Sean Turner

Addicted to life

On April 19, 2020, I was at the lowest point in my life. I had just failed out of college for the second time, I was 50 pounds overweight, addicted to drugs and alcohol and battling crippling depression. However, for some reason on that day I was ready to make a change, so I decided to go for a run. Since that first run, I have gotten sober, graduated college Magna Cum Laude, won multiple awards in the military, transformed my body, ran the NYC Marathon along with 50- and 65-mile ultramarathons and most importantly learned to love myself. What I learned on that first run was that I could use fitness as a foundation for all other aspects of my life. I learned that physical struggle induced states of emotional vulnerability within me. In these states I could look at myself from a new perspective and learn how to use the emotions that had so long been my kryptonite as tools to develop myself into the person I aspire to be. Since having that awareness I have been able to establish fitness and lifestyle habits that allow me to accomplish any goal I set for myself, the next of which is a 100-mile ultramarathon. Further, it has also given me the desire to show people how they can also use fitness to not only better themselves physically but in all aspects of their life.

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Primary Sport: I would go with crossfit and endurance sports.

Why do you love these sports?: I love that I get to decide how much I suffer and that I can use that suffering as meaning towards achieving a goal larger than myself.

Favorite activities using your fitness?: Mountain Biking and surfing.

Outside of fitness, what provides the most fulfillment in your life?: Outside of fitness I would say working with people in mental health recovery provides me the most fulfillment. Giving back what has been given to me provides my life with purpose.

What's your favorite Style product and why?: My favorite style product is Pre. As an ultramarathoner I have always been looking for a preworkout that was geared towards the running community. I want something that will give me a slight jolt without spiking my heart rate too much. Pre being low stim is perfect for that. It gets me ready for early morning runs without slowing down my pace from an excessive heart rate.

As a person, what makes you unique?: What makes me unique is that I am an addict. What this means to me is that everything I do, I do with passion. I lift weights passionately, I run passionately, I pursue my goals passionately, I care about my friends passionately, etc. It is the main reason I can accomplish the things I do. However I also use drugs and drink alcohol passionately. Unfortunately when I do something I have to do it 100 percent because of that passion. Luckily enough I have learned to live my life sober so that all of that passion is geared towards the positive things I mentioned instead of the negative.

My life's motto is this, "why not?".