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Getting to know John Heerschap

Creating new limits

My grandma and grandpa had 8 kids so, I grew up with a lot of cousins. We would all go to my Grandmas house some Sundays for lunch. This is where it all started. My uncle used to get all of us kids together and do what I call “mock NFL combines”. He would see who could run the fastest, who could push the heaviest wheel barrel around the house. Who could jump the farthest, and the highest. Who could do the most push ups. At some point, I just fell in love with the grind, that feeling of pushing yourself to new limits. I started reading every fitness magazine I could get my hands on, and training my body through any strength program I could find. I experimented with concurrent training, blending and mixing lifting heavy weights with cardio well before CrossFit was a thing. Not long after, CrossFit started, but there were no gyms around. I also messed around with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and kickboxing I loved the idea of CrossFit building the “ultimate superhero”. Someone who could lift mass amounts of weight, do gymnastics but still had crazy muscle endurance, and cardio to match. It was a pretty cool concept to me. In due time I found CrossFit Greensboro and I was hooked. I started competing in CrossFit competitions and coaching CrossFit Classes. Now, through my company Fuel Fitness Co, I get to train others to be the best version of themselves they can be. Watching folks challenge themselves, achieve their goals and hit personal records is one of the best feelings in the world.

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Primary Sport: Crossfit and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Why do you love these sports?: I love both of these sports because they are extremely challenging to the point where they force me to come into the present. I can’t really do either sport and be thinking about my day, or things I am going through. If I have had a rough day, it truly "snaps me out of it" so to speak, because all you can think about is what you are doing in that moment. Also, whether I am at a competition, or a class, in both sports I am surrounded by some of the most friendly, and humble folks you will ever meet. Its amazing how down to earth, and humble some of the toughest athletes in the world are.

Favorite activities using your fitness?: Oh, yeah opening jars for my spouse is absolutely the best. Or when people ask you to help pick up something heavy, its really an honor because man, I've worked for 15+ years to get any strength I do have. I also do love hiking, fishing, and yard work. I know, I know, I am that old guy that loves to mow the lawn. Oh, and I push mow too.

Outside of fitness, what provides the most fulfillment in your life?: I know it sounds cliche but without a doubt, my faith and family. My faith in Jesus, and belief in the Bible is the foundation of everything I do and believe. My family motivates me to want to be the best father, and husband I can be. When I feel I am doing good at that, its the most fulfilling feeling in the world. Third to those, is definitely tapping someone out. LOL ;-).

What is your favorite way to serve others?: My favorite way to serve others is through personal training. There is just something about it. I Iose all track of time when I am coaching, and I see things click for an athlete, I see them moving well, hitting PR's, and meeting their goals. Man, there is just nothing like it. Its definitely a passion that God has put inside of me.

What's your favorite Style product and why?: They are all good, but no doubt the Cocoa Marshmallow protein is the best protein I have ever had. Let me tell you, I’ve been drinking protein shakes for almost 20 years. This stuff is the best hands down.

As a person, what makes you unique?: I think something unique about me is my ability to read others, and put myself in their shoes. Anytime I meet someone that I don't understand, or get along with, I immediately try to put myself in their shoes. I feel like over 50% of conflicts are just misunderstandings. Helping to understand someone’s "why" is half the battle to getting along, and making each other better.