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Getting to know Jake Hill


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Primary Sport: I wouldn’t say I am tied to one specific thing. I am passionate about moving my body and being active! Currently, I am focusing on building size and improving athleticism overall. So, maybe a “Hybrid Athlete” type of training is my “sport.”

Why do you love this sport?: My favorite part of this “sport” is just the challenge that I face daily. The challenge of pushing my body, pushing my mind and seeing how far I can go. I have been the “small guy” most of my life and often, when people first see me, I feel as if they underestimate me. Training the way I do, I prepare myself to go far past my competitors and others. I am able to prove to myself, and others, that I am a beast! That’s my favorite part. Ha!

Favorite activities using your fitness?: My favorite activities that required my fitness would be hiking, playing golf, long walks with my wife, playing with my nieces and nephews, and being “the strong one” in the family.

Outside of fitness, what provides the most fulfillment in your life?: Working with other like-minded guys trying to build and work on their fitness. Inspiring and encouraging others is a spiritual “gift” that I feel God blessed me with. So being able to work with people and inspire them to be the best version of themselves, and then seeing them enjoy the results of it all gives me the most fulfillment.

What is your favorite way to serve others?: Through acts of kindness and service. That can be as small as holding the door open for someone or smiling at someone in hopes to brighten their day. Or, it can be as big as going out of my way to support a friend or even a stranger. Giving out compliments, showing up for them when needed, and giving inspiration to them in the highs and lows.

What's your favorite Style product and why?: So far, the preworkout is my favorite! I love the low-stim and how mentally clear it gets me! I have struggled to find preworkout that didn’t make me feel like itching my skin off. Most preworkouts leave you drained and feeling funky after, not Style’s! That’s why it’s my favorite.

As a person, what makes you unique?: I think my attitude is what makes me unique. I have always been someone who is overly optimistic and always finds the best in every person I come in contact with. No matter how bad or good a situation is, I always stay positive. I think my gift of encouragement gives people hope sometimes (at least, I like to think it does) and gives people a newfound confidence in themselves and a better outlook on life.