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Getting to know Dylan Lopossay

Scientific Weightlifiting


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Primary Sport: Olympic Weightlifting, for now

Why do you love this sport?: I love (and am built for) speed and power. Weightlifting combines explosiveness and finesse. Executing a very heavy snatch, clean, or jerk with proper technique is an amazing feeling that incorporates both aggression and fine skill.

Favorite activities using your fitness?: Any time I get to use sprinting fast in real life (sometimes this involves danger, haha).

Outside of fitness, what provides the most fulfillment in your life?: Socializing, finding creative outlets, or especially the two together. I love talking with my friends, or people I respect in any field — athletics, academics, the arts— and having a good time combining being friendly and just talking with creative exploration, problem solving, or coming up with new, interesting ideas.

What is your favorite way to serve others?: Make them smile, educate them, or make them laugh.

What's your favorite Style product and why?: My way of thinking. I like to approach things in a very hollistic, big picture factor, while taking the time to analyze the details of each step, as well. I like to hope that this gives me an advantage in exercise programming, health & nutrition, or just solving a problem in sometimes new & innovative ways.

If there's anything else cool or interesting about you, write it here: I love to write, listen to, and go to shows for pop punk & pop rock music. I love cats and have a lot of them — I'm not going to say how many.