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Style Performance Nutrition

While not exemplifying all of our core values, STYLE does do an exceptional job at summarizing them. Service and Teamwork will bring you closer your goals. In the case shown here, our goal is to serve and glorify God through business. While your relationship with God doesn't rely on others, others (teamwork) can certainly help you fast track your relationship through accountability, community, and resourcing. We keep God at the center of who we are and all we do. This is reflected through the hebrew term for God, Yahweh. Once you have reached your goals in life or reaching a healthy relationship with the Lord, you will begin to learn Leadership and Endurance. The more you grow in life and the closer you get to God, the more life and him will call upon you to lead others into the same path. Though the road is long an narrow, you must practice endurance with the help of the Lord.

STYLE does not only hold our values, but it serves as a path to God.