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August 2022- Second Start Foundation

August 2022- Second Start Foundation

Second Start Foundation 

The Second Start Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation founded by Sean Turner. Sean Turner is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who believes that his engagement in active lifestyle activities has been transformative for his life. Sean has found that physical struggle induces emotional states within him that aid him in overcoming his addiction and depression. Because of this discovery Sean believes it is pivotal that all people in recovery get involved in active lifestyle activities.

However, Sean understands that these sorts of active lifestyle activities often have a price tag to them, a price tag many cannot afford. That is why the Second Start Foundation was founded. An inability to afford a service should never be the inhibiting factor between a person and their recovery.

Through Sean donating 5% of his revenue from his private fitness company and outside donations, the Second Start Foundation will be helping people in addiction or mental health recovery by paying for them to get involved in active lifestyles. From gym memberships to sport team fees the Second Start Foundation hopes that other people can find a new vigor in life through being active.

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We strongly believe and support in Sean's mission with the SSF. As usual, we'll be donating 10% of August's profits to the Second Start Foundation. 

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